teamspace application possibilities

teamspace is available in three different versions. We want to introduce all three to you. Which offer is fitting your needs best can be determined when you contact us directly.

Online Service

The teamspace Online Service is the easiest and fastest start into virtual collaboration. You can rent single spaces on our Internet servers for individual projects and work groups directly and in appropriate length and size.
The Online Service is ideally suited for beginners and small teams and companies and is ready for use at once. Graphical and technical adjustments of the teamspace software are not possible in this offer, as are installations on separate servers. More Informations more

Enterprise Server

On top of using the Online Service by licensing single teams, you can also use teamspace as an own installation in form of an Enterprise Server license. You then get unlimited teams and memberships and only pay for the number of different users you have overall. Besides the financial advantages this offers, you will also be able to uniquely adapt teamspace to meet your needs and to integrate the system into your EDP and your workflows on a customized basis.
Enterprise Server licenses can be installed on a teamspace server or on a separate server on the Internet or your Intranet. More Informations more

Enterprise Portal

The teamspace Enterprise Portal is an integration of Internet portal, an own Content Management System and a teamspace Enterprise Server. Thus the Enterprise Portal is a complete solution for companies that need a protected and flexible information system on the Internet and want to offer single task forces individual secluded team rooms at the same time and within the same system. More Informations more