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The BMW Advanced Training division was seeking an enterprise solution that would provide a platform for regular communication and interaction without the necessity of face-to-face contacts between the trainer and trainee. The collaboration needed to take place in a collective, virtual environment. The deciding factors for choosing teamspace by 5 POINT AG as BMW’s collaboration tool was among other things the easy implementation and the high user-friendliness of 5 POINT's solution. It enabled BMW employees to use teamspace without the need for special training, which made the transition to working with a collaboration tool much easier.


The BMW Group in Munich has used the teamspace Company Server License since 2001. The server is installed at the data processing center of 5 POINT AG in Frankfurt, Germany. BMW and their partners access their teamspace via Internet. Support and maintenance is provided by 5 POINT AG. Regular updates ensure BMW are 

fully updated regarding any changes to the teamspace product.


The main way teamspace is used at BMW is in advanced training within the human resources division. In the context of Blended Learning, teamspace is used in a range of seminars and workshops to enable a close tutoring of each trainee by the facilitators after the initial training is completed. Furthermore, teamspace provides trainees with easy access to all relevant information relating to the training. Apart from advanced training, our product is used in every part of the company where internal projects with one or more external partners have to be coordinated. One example is the R&D division, where BMW employees use teamspace to collaborate effectively with partners from different suppliers.

Currently, circa 100 working groups are using teamspace at BMW. This was achieved without actively promoting the new tool. Word about the product simply spread via referral. Employees who previously used teamspace for a project or training program continue to use it themselves and recommend it to others. In spite of the abundance of users at BMW, an average of just 4 to 5 support requests are generated each week regarding the teamspace application, further evidencing the user friendliness and reliability of our unique solution.

Deep Well Oil & Gas Inc.

Deep Well Oil & Gas, Inc. is an emerging oil & gas company based in Edmonton, Alberta/Canada. It is a publicly traded company (stock symbol: "DWOG", traded on the Pink Sheets Exchange in the US). The core management team and members of the Board of Directors are generally based in Canada.

However they may - at any given time - be consulting to international petroleum exploration and development projects in regions such as Africa, Asia, and South America. teamspace provides the company with a viable, cohesive, and valuable communications system for these tasks.

Deep Well Oil & Gas Inc.

Deep Well Oil & Gas is currently gearing up to initiate drilling on their property - over 12,000 hectares of land in North Central Alberta - with the potential to produce over 500 million barrels of oil and 360 billion cubic feet of natural gas based on full project development. Typically, this type of project involves a significant amount of daily communication between the Sawn Lake field location and the Deep Well Oil & Gas Calgary head office (located about 400 miles South of Sawn Lake), as well as other participants such as partners, suppliers, and consultants.

Daily progress reports are filed with the Calgary office that include cost data and production test results. In the past these daily reports were often submitted via FAX or telephone connection. Using the teamspace collaboration environment, Deep Well Oil & Gas significantly streamlines the reporting process. Using remote satellite uplinks – Deep Well Oil & Gas field personnel can upload the latest reports to a centralized teamspace collaboration project space on the Internet and allow approved management, partners, or other personnel to access, review, and comment on the latest operational data on an ongoing basis.

By using teamspace Deep Well Oil & Gas is able to ensure that each member of the team is looking at the latest up-to-date data. Ongoing discussions about project technical issues are established within teamspace and each member of the team - as authorized by a designated team leader- will be able to review results on a 24/7 basis from their current location, at their convenience.

teamspace connects Technical Consultants, the Deep Well Oil & Gas Management Team, Project Partners, Suppliers, Contractors and Field Personnel in a secure distributed environment, regardless of the participants physical location. teamspace system automatically informs team participants when a change to the data on teamspace occurs- thereby prompting the team member to log-in to review the change and make comments. This creates an excellent audit trail for Deep Well Oil & Gas during the undertaking of their various projects and has reduced approval time on certain proposals saving the company valuable time and money in all departments.

For more information on Deep Well Oil & Gas please peruse their website at The website content was prepared, revised, and approved using a teamspace collaboration room with members located - at that time - in Canada, Columbia, Britain and the USA.

The benefits of teamspace for the Canadian company include:

  • Easy and fast access to data from anywhere at anytime (24/7)
  • ensuing that all participants are seeing the latest data
  • reduced opportunity for errors and omissions
  • utilization of common data sets
  • creation of a data audit trail
  • a secure and reliable collaboration network.