Idea evaluation, ranking and voting system

SurveyThe evaluation and idea module systematically supports creative problem solving processes within both, working groups and virtual teams. It comprises the following separate phases: problem clarification, idea finding, idea evaluation and display of the results. Participants can also operate the idea finding and evaluation functions anonymously. Idea evaluation, ranking and voting system Test teamspace in your own team room. After 30 days you can decide, if you would like to licence the team room. Enter the demo team witthout obligation. Just think of a name and start working.

The analysis of the evaluation process is facilitated automatically and the idea evaluation phase can also be used to conduct polls within the team. These polls can then be analyzed automatically. 

The following creativity techniques are supported:

Brainstorming, visual confrontation, picture role-playing, combination, simple scoring analysis and much more. 

Evaluation of ideas and surveys

With teamspace you can carry out evaluations and surveys or collect opinions of your team. The module supports the complete solution process in groups and virtual teams. It runs through following phases: problem clarification, idea generation, idea evaluation and the result display.

There are different policies and configurations that can be set by the team leader. The input and review happens time independently and anonymously by the team members.

Following evaluation techniques are supported:

Sticking points, selection, sequence and simple utility analysis

"It is amazing how easy it is with teamspace to organize and to realize a complete brainstorming process."