Public Pages - the bridge to the public!

Easy, fast, up-to-date!

Have you already thought about publishing contents from your teamspace team on the Internet?

With the Public Pages of teamspace you can integrate teamspace modules into your homepage or your own interactive web pages. Use it for example to create a general download area or to publish your project results or inform your website visitors about the upcoming events with teamspace calendar - integrated in your web presence. It's fast and so easy to do!

How it works:
Option 1: Include the teamspace Public Pages into your already existing homepage.

Simply select the modules from your teamspace team, which you want to publish and activate them. When creating the Public Pages you get a link, which you insert into your Website. The team's data is then visualized on your homepage. Include teamspace Public Pages into your existing homepage.

Contents are always up-to-date and get renewed with each call-up of the site. All team members can participate in organizing the contents and therefore importance of subject matter can be kept current. 

Option 2: Use your individual part via

By activating the Public Pages, you get your own, public url on a teamspace server. You can create your own web site easily and without HTML knowledge. You alone decide what team information you would like to publish. Use newly available homepage at

Modules such as Pinboard, Files, Contacts or Calendar can be released completely or in parts on the Internet. The information is then shown on the Internet as it is displayed inside the team. As simple as it is to create and publish the Public Pages, it is as easy to revoke them.