Connecting teams!

My teamsThe management console myteams offers users, who are members of multiple teams, the possibility to connect all their teams. By logging in one of these teams, you are able to access all other teams and selected modules with one click. All data stays separated by team, but you can work simultaneously in all the teams.

Examples of use and benefits

Log into one team and access all other teams directly from there.

Easy working in multiple teams at the same time
The most important modules (e.g. calendar, files) from different teams can be filed as favorites and thus accessed with one click from everywhere in teamspace.

Creating sub-groups within a team
Many customers want to build sub-groups for certain tasks within their teams. Now this is possible by creating new teams and connecting them to the others with myteams. For each sub-group a new team is founded. With myteams the user has direct access to the general teams as well as to one or many sub-teams. Creating sub-teams consisting of present users is free of additional charge for all Enterprise Server licences. Customers of the Online Service have to licence each additional team.

More Information about the Enterprise Server licence
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Individual use of teamspace with team and personal data
In addition to the existing team another, personal teams can be created by each user to manage other data in an own team. The new Outlook synchronization teamSync then offers automatic exchange of all calendar and contact data between the user’s teamspace and Outlook. By including the desk top at home or a laptop into the synchronization via teamspace, all personal data is up to date on every computer and every system the user works on.

"I work in several teams at the same time. myteams makes it very easy to switch between teams without entering my access data all the time."